Tamarindo’s Perfect Cafe Escape

If you love good food, delicious beverages, and an unreal aesthetic then Santa Rita Cafe located in the heart of Tamarindo is the perfect place for you to visit!

Santa Rita cafe is in the sunrise plaza on Local 15 in Tamarindo, easily accessible by walking from the town center. Once you get to the cafe you will see stores below that you might want to take a quick peek at, if not head right upstairs to enjoy some breakfast or lunch! The cafe is open 7 days a week from 8:30am-3:30pm.

Santa Rita offers the perfect escape from Tamarindo’s heat and rain showers. The aircon and wifi are always working so it is a great place to get work done and catch up with friends and family back home. They also have the best staff who are super kind and helpful if you have specific questions about the area. I could not recommend this place more; check out some of the delicious meals and drinks my friends and I have enjoyed here below along with some shots of the cafe!

santa rita cafe

front of santa rita cafe

santa rita cafe entrance

staircase to santa rita cafe

santa rita cafe counter

order counter

santa rita cafe coffee area

coffee area

santa rita cafe front of menu

front of menu

santa rita cafe back of menu

back of menu

santa rita dining area

dining table

santa rita kids play area

kids play area

santa rita cafe-chai tea

iced chai tea with an espresso shot

santa rita cafe bagel and green bowl

bagel and green bowl

santa rita cafe classic breakfast

classic breakfast

santa rita cafe green tea and coffee

green tea and coffee

santa rita cafe tropical smoothie bowl

tropical smoothie bowl

santa rita cafe cheeseburger


santa rita cafe costa rica map

map at entrance of cafe

santa rita cafe sign

pura vida!