Catastrophic Bush Fires in Australia

New South Wales has declared a state of emergency for the catastrophic fire conditions across greater Sydney, Australia. Over 300 fires have emerged with over 150 homes destroyed and three lives lost. It is also believed an estimated 350 koalas have lost their lives as the fires have tore through a large koala population. Australian fire chiefs are saying that these fires could be the most dangerous and destructive bushfires in Australia’s history. In addition to the NSW fires, there are also almost 50 more fires burning in Queensland, Southern Australia, and Western Australia. 

NSW bush fire 1

Photo credit-Daren Pateman

koala australia bush fire

Photo credit- Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie

While walking down the streets in Bondi I have heard a range of concerns about individuals lives, wildlife, and the environment where the bushfires have broken out. As well as a severe political debate in regards to politicians avoiding the aspect of climate change being a factor at the start of the fire season. Climate change activists such as Sarah Wilson (@_sarahwilson_) are shining light on these important topics. Give her a follow on Instagram to keep up to date on how to help make a change.

It is time to take action on climate change as we watch the natural disasters continue to progress worse and worse each year. As the younger generation it is up to us to stand together to help save this planet for generations to come. The Earth provides us with the oxygen we breathe, the water we drink, and the environment we live in. It gives us life and for that it is our responsibility to protect her…together.

What can we do?

  • Become aware of what is happening by reading, listening, and watching the news
  • SHARE what you learn with others to spread awareness
  • Donate to charities (see list below)
  • Become a wildlife rescuer with WIRES if you live in AUS
  • Put water out in your local area for wildlife if you are in a drought or an environmental disaster. Be sure to add a stick or rock in the bowl in case small animals fall in.

Places to donate to:

  • The Red Cross- There to help individuals in disaster situations…donate here
  • Vinnies- Providing food, clothes, and shelter in NSW…donate here
  • The NSW RFS- Volunteers who are working around the clock helping to save lives, control fires, and be of any assistance…donate here
  • WIRES Emergency Fund- Rescuers and volunteers working to help injured wildlife as well as ensure their safety in the future…donate here 
  • Port Macquarie Koala Hospital- Helping the rescued koalas…donate here
  • The Salvation Army- providing evacuation centers…donate here

**credit to The Guardian, Sarah Wilson, and Karmagawa for information**